>The winery

Pedrosa de Duero

It is a small village in Ribera del Duero where our vineyards with more than a quarter century old are localized.
For experts in viticulture and enology, this area hast the most privileged microclimate in DO Ribera del Duero, which also has the best “terroir”, thanks to the sandy and limestone soil composition.


It all started with our grandparents who in the thirties started putting up “majuelos”, as the vineyards were called around here. The good work of the grandfather Melquiades was inherited by his son Ricardo, our father, and grandfather, who still likes to have immaculate vineyards.
From our family farm of 23 hectares we select only two to make MN and Rita Hetvin. The third generation has transformed the love that our family always dedicated to the vines into elegant and natural wines.

Vinification and aging

The mother of our wines is the grape that generation after generation has been treated in the most natural and sustainable way. In MN Vinos we pick the grapes by hand and transport them in boxes to prevent damage.
Our signature wines are produced in small tanks and are aged on a selection of barrels of French and American oak, medium toast and fine grain. The medium toast gives space to the fruit in the wine, whilst the fine grain allows a good micro-oxygenation.

Our own distillation

First we distill the lees and skins from the grapes from which we obtain an orujo with an alcohol volume of approximately 50%. This orujo is then distilled in an alembic, from which we get the grape alcohol with an alcohol volume of about 88%.
This alcohol is stored it in a tank of stainless steel, where it will remain until the next campaign as an ingredient of our fortified wine.